Saturday, January 15, 2011

True Grit

Go see it.
Really, you will love it. The dialogue, you will especially love that. You will think, that is just about the most cleverly worded movie I have ever seen. You will love the characters and the acting and everything else. You will be amazed and astounded. Then you will thank me for the recommendation. And I will say your welcome.


Jacque said...

Well said; I couldn't agree more.

sisters4saymoreismore said...

totally saw it! it was great, but have you seen the original? it is literally the nearly EXACT same screen play... word for word! the end is a little different though the new one is better by far but it was fun to see that they didn't change much... down to the scenery and camera angles!


ps loving that dress a few posts up.. divine!

heidi said...

we saw this last night and LOVEDLOVEDLOVED it. talked about it for the rest of the night and most of today. i am adding "much obliged" to my repertoire. i especially liked how the girl never got on my nerves. and most child actors do.

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