Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lego Room for the Boy

If you were, say turning 9, wouldn't it be fun if your mom re-decorated your room as a birthday surprise? Perhaps not. But if it was turned into a LEGO room you might be pretty excited.

First order of business: He needed new bedding. He inherited the bunk beds when his older brother got his own room. Big brother had the nerve to take half of the bedding with him! Bunk beds with bedding for one = problem.

I found this bedding from JCPenney. The colors matched his rug and I liked the idea of the dots with the Lego theme. Best of all, the sets were inexpensive and will therefore be easy to part with in a few years.

I made this SUPER Minifig Lego poster for his room.(Minifigs, just so you know, is what those in the know call the little Lego dudes. So if you were calling them little Lego dudes, you were wrong.) Not to brag but all my idea. All by myself. I will post how-to tomorrow.

Oh, how I wish I took better pictures.

But, the VERY best part of the room came with the wall art. I have some extraordinarily talented friends. I may have mentioned this before. They came over and painted minifigs on his walls. I helped paint. Ish.

The pictures don't do them justice, they are so stinking cool.

I give you Luke and R2D2.

Darth Vadar.
Indianna Jones.
Nacho Libre and Batman.

And the Ninja.
How did we do it? We began by looking up minifigs on the computer (thank you google.) Once we connected my computer with a projector, we traced the outlines on to the wall with a pencil. Next we painted with acrylic paint. Even a novice like me could do most of the work. Final step was using a permanent marker -both black and silver- for final details (outlining, etc.)

Maybe you are wondering, what happens in 2 years when he doesn't want a Lego room? All you have to do is sand, prime and paint. Easy.

Room views:

This shows the bedding. The ottoman at the foot of the bed (from Target) is perfect for Lego playing and storage. And it matches perfectly.

This book shelf provides more storage and oh look, there is my fancy poster.

He felt the need to put on his Nacho mask. How could he not?

He LOVES his room. Hooray.

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