Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolution

I spent last night watching Pride & Prejudice in bed. (Is there anything more delicious than watching an old favorite while cuddled up in bed?) I was moved, as I always am, by the clever language of the movie - which of course came (in most cases) directly from the book.

Therefore, my New Year's Resolution: to use lines from Pride & Prejudice as titles in my blog posts. Of the next year, don't be surpised if you see these fine quotes in the title slot:

This is grave Indeed.
Increase my love by Suspense.
Very Agreeable Alternative.
Just admiring the General splendor.
I am Quite at my Leisure.
You have Delighted us Long enough.
Are the shades of Pemberly to be Thus polluted?
My Affections and Wishes have not Changed.
You have Insulted me in Every possible Way.


laura said...

I am particularly interested to see what story falls under the "You have insulted me in every possible way."

Pride and Prejudice is my alltime FAVORITE book and movie. When people go wild about Edward and Jacob, I just have to ask, "Have you ever heard of Mr. Darcy??"

Jeppson Clan said...

love it. congrats on the christmas cards too. i'm thinking if the starts align, we MIGHT send out valentine's cards...

Meg said...

You should add "It would be most inconvenient since I've sworn to loathe him for all eternity."

Jessica said...

Cute, cute. I hate thinking up titles anyway, and I will just be eternally impressed if you know that many lines off the top of your head.

Darci said...

Ooo, I'm so excited to see what is to come.

Amy said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and noticed the pride and prejudice picture. I absolutely LOVE the book and the movie. Jane Austen is a genius. When a novel can stand the test of time like hers did and still move just as many people as it did in the 20th century as it does in the 21st century is just... I'm at a loss of words. Anyway i recognized every phrase that you talked about and it put a smile in my face (a little time of accomplishment) and i felt like commenting.

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