Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Outfits

Christmas outfits are a long running tradition dating back to my childhood. (Although I grew up in family of all girls, so we called them Christmas dresses.) The Sunday before Christmas we don our Christmas outfits. It helps usher in the festivities. Most years it is a mad scramble to put these together. I always end up getting wrong sizes, fretting over coordinating the outfits, and this year it was especially difficult to find something for Hailey.

(look at those blue eyes!)


Darci said...

Man are your kids beautiful??
The outfits look swell.

Meredith said...

Very nice! :) I love that little dress on Avery; I got the same one in red for my niece, only wishing I had a little girly myself to put it on!

heidi said...

saw-eet. an impeccably groomed family. still so jeal of avery's dress.

janice said...

they all look great! (Hailey is gorgeous. your going to have fun when she turns 16!)

Our family chaos said...

They all look awesome. Good job mom!

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