Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Idea #9

My husband is impossible to shop for. He wants nothing. At any given moment, I can come up with a list a mile long and he struggles for days to put a list of 2 or 3 things together.

I was happy to see this at the bookstore last week. He has loved all of Malcolm Gladwell's books and will surely enjoy this. (I say surely because he nearly bought it for himself a few days later on our date night. I had to use jedi mind tricks and feminine whiles to get him to put it back.)

More good luck, I happened up some great deals at J.Crew. For him - I did not purchase a single item for me. (I did not purchase it, I put it on hold so Mark could buy it for me later.)

The J.Crew trip resulted in this handsome stack of gifts for him under the tree. (It really was a great sale.)

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laura said...

Gifts for men are so hard. I usually stick with an experience- tickets to a game, a round of golf, etc.
Wish we had a J. Crew here. Sighhh.

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