Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Backpack, Backpack

We are already on the downhill side of summer. School starts in a month! It just doesn't seem possible.

We have began to look at backpacks. My youngest is going to Kindergarten and is excited to have her very first backpack. I liked these at Old Navy. (Her favorite is the hearts.)

But we also like these from Gap.

My middle two boys are thinking they need something new also. Here are the meager offerings in the boys department.

Old Navy:


My oldest is planning on reusing one of her bags from yesteryear. Especially once I told her if we didn't have to buy a new bag, there would be more money to spend on clothes.

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For lil' h and Drew, try a sporting goods store. Dick's offers most players on local teams discounts on items purchased. Ask your coach and he should have a coach's discount packet from Dick's. Combine that with the tax free weekend and you might be in business.

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