Monday, April 27, 2009

Want: Pottery Barn

Just got the new Pottery Barn catalog and fell in love immediately:

Finally, and this is really something to get excited about, THIS QUILT.

This is the quilt my friend had in her daughter's room probably 5 years ago from Pottery Barn. I adore this quilt. Then they stopped making it. And then my friend gave it to her sister.

I can't believe they are making it again. Unfortunately, I have no use for it at this time. I am content just knowing that if I want to own it, I can.


janice said...

love the lemonade jug!!

Brooke said...

I saw those crates in the catalog and was ready to order. I now want the quilt x2.

Jacque said...

I immediately fell in love with 2 items when I opened the latest PB catalog... the lemonade jug and the quilt. Great minds think alike...

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