Thursday, April 2, 2009

Not To Brag

Last year I took up running, for real. I have always loved running and ran off and on but never in an actual race. I spent late summer/early fall training for a half-marathon that I completed in October. It was LOVE at first race.

When not running outside, I work out at a local Community College's Recreation Center.

Let me set the stage for you so you can fully visualize my gym: with the exception of me and my friends, everyone at the gym is a Senior Citizen. There are people who come to the gym with their oxygen tanks and canes(I'm not kidding.) The best attended Aerobics Class is the class where the participants stay in their chair for the whole class, the close second is a class called Young at Heart. I guess what I am trying to say is this: my gym is not a meat market.

Fast forward to this week at the gym. I was finished with my workout and headed downstairs when the man behind the desk (early 50's grandfather type - always dressed in chinos and a button down) stopped me for a conversation.

Him: "The cross country coach at the community college was wondering if you would be interested in joining the cross country team."

Me (choking on my water): "Me?"

Him: "Yeah, he pointed you out to me while you were in spin class. He's watched you run a couple of times and says when you run you look like you could go forever."

He explained that the coach felt a little awkward approaching me while I was running because he didn't want me to misinterpret his intentions.

Me: (laughing) "Does it matter that I am turning 35 this year and already graduated from college?"

Him (shrugging): "We had a mom on the team a couple of years ago whose oldest was 16. You just have to take 12 credit hours and have not previously competed collegiately."

(You have no idea how hilarious it is that I would have competed in track in college.)

Me: "I ran track in middle school does that count?"

Him: "We could probably work some sort of scholarship . . . but that practices are in the mornings which make it hard for the moms who are busy getting their kids to school."

This conversation really happened, I have a witness to back me up. I am still unsure it if it was some elaborate April Fool's joke played by this complete stranger who works at the desk.

I probably shouldn't admit how flattered I was by this. I mean, I am not an athlete. I am not good at sports, but to have the Cross Country coach say that I am a good runner? We are talking cloud nine. It's like one of my friend's said, "It's not everyday you are offered a Athletic Scholarship for college." Especially at my age.


Becca said...

I think you should do it. It might be fun to take some college classes again, and think how neat it would be for your kids to come to your meets!

Tera said...

What a great compliment. Having gone back to school in my 30's, I can say it is a unique experience to be the oldest one in all off my classes. ha ha

Keep up the good work!

Lance and Kira Rasmussen said...

That is awesome! Even at the top of my game, I look like I'm about to pass out about 5 minutes into a run. Its kind of my thing.

I have always been so envious of those who look happy and stand erect while running-- ponytail swinging. (Sigh) Someday.

Darci said...

That Great!
Dose the coach know you sing while you run?

Linda said...

Thank you for the chuckle. If you did you could really get a student rate at the movies. What did Mark say?

heidi said...

i think you should go for it. i would. those kids will be around forever. how many more years are you knees going to last?

justjen said...

Rock on Girlfriend! Sing your little running self right back to school for free! You would love to take the classes and what fun you would have! Huge compliment for sure! Love it! I signed up for the lottery for the St. George Marathon, come it would be so fun to run with ya and great time for our guys to catch up!

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