Thursday, April 16, 2009

Love letter

Dear Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins,
You are my favorite ice cream flavor of all time.
I could eat you anytime, anywhere.
That is why my family and I frequent 31 Flavors at least once a week. (Side note: even though the same lady helps us everytime, she still has yet to recognize us. We are talking once or twice and week here and nothing.)
I especially love that your chips are more like flakes or slivers instead of huge chunks.
Thinking of you fondly,


Tera said...

You crack me up! I have developed a similar infatuation for Aggie Bull Tracks, ice cream made exclusively at Utah State University. It will be a sad day when we move away.

janice said...

C.C.M. is also my favorite!!! it's the perfect combination!

justjen said...

Amen girl! I too am a mint chip junkie and Baskin Robins is the real deal!

Lesta said...

You are pretty brazen with your love affair! haha... I could have guessed that would be your fav flavor because of the peppermint bark candy! mmmmmm...... You got me hooked on that! Thanks!

Darci said...

My thought exactly! No mint chip compares to BR.
We don't go out for ice cream very often (twice since Molly's been born) but I always get two scoops at BR, mint chip and peanut butter and chocolate. That is the good stuff.

Our family chaos said...

That is my Favorite flavor too! I am an icecream aholic. That is hilarious the icecream server doesn't recognize Maybe she does but she doesn't want to embarrass you for coming in so

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