Monday, August 22, 2011

Back to School

Last week the kids went back to school. I wasn't necessarily doing back flips, more cartwheels or somersaults. That is to say: I like my kids, they are pretty fun to have around so I wasn't pushing them out the door. But school offers them so much more than being home with me and I would be lying if I said I didn't relish alone time. I am about 5 times more productive when they are at school.

First out the door MY HIGH SCHOOLER. The reason these pictures are blurry is because they were taken at an insanely early hour as she left for early morning seminary.

(Yes. I still have my Fourth of July decor up. I've been sick and had a house full of children all summer, don't judge.)

Next on the docket is my handsome 8th Grader:

This was taken in a mad rush. His alarm didn't go off (translation: he didn't set it correctly) and he had T-Minus 15 minutes to get ready. He decided to squeeze in a shower hence the wet hair.

I took a few pictures of him when he got home, just for good measure:

I love how this picture shows his dimple.

Next up the Elementary School Crew.

Here they are on Meet the Teacher Night:

First day of school:
You can tell by the amount of pictures we obviously had a little more time on our hands with the younger crowd.

Getting on the bus: I didn't cry this year. It felt like all was as it should be so there was no reason for tears. Plus, if there is one thing I've learned over the years: They always come back home after the school day is done.

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The Williams Family said...

Happy Back to School! and I'm loving Avery's backpack.

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