Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July

We spent a leisurely day with some friends. It was kind of a marathon of a day. And perfect.

(Cute printables from here.)

(Cupcake toppers via here.)

There was lots of food, as always.

A trip to the pool.

Plenty of outdoor games.

There were loads of fireworks.

We put on our own show, led by Jason.

P.S. Guess what? I got a new phone. All these pictures are courtesy of my new phone and my favorite app: Instagram.


Jeppson Clan said...

Look at you blogging with your phone pictures! You are so advanced and I am stuck in the dark ages.
SUCH a fantastic day. Perfect company, perfect food and activities, like you said I think we outdid ourselves this year. :)
p.s. love the picture of A and A, they are such cute friends! All the kiddos are but those two crack me up.

jodie@eighteen25 said...

hi carie.

i guess we share an awesome friend that lives in vegas with me (aren't i lucky?).

i'm so happy to see jamie's printables on display in your home. what would we do without her? and it's so fun that i have a friend that has a friend that reads our blog (even without being forced to).

well, it's very nice to meet you.

and i agree....i would love to have a phone that took cool photos that i could upload to my blog....ugh.


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