Friday, July 16, 2010

To Those Who Wait

Do any of you remember this darling sweater from J Crew a few seasons ago? I certainly do. I had big plans for this sweater and I. It's $98 price tag kept us apart.

I was at Marshall's today (buying my son's backpack), minding my own business, not even thinking about buying anything for myself, when I happened upon this:

Dead ringer.

(Vanity Moment: How HUGE does my head look in the middle picture? Can you say bobble head? I can't stop laughing. . .)

Did I mention the $12.99 price?


Jeppson Clan said...


heidi said...

AHHH! think of the combinations! the mixing of prints! oooh! a floral? yes?
i die a thousand times! am i overly dramatic enough???

MissRochelle said...

I love Marshalls, especially when they are attached to a Home Goods.

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