Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Backpack, Backpack

After much deliberation, we have made some choices.

I give you my oldest daughter's backpack:

It will match her yellow winter coat!

With this binder.
What for my soon to be middle schooler? I was thinking along the lines of this.

But when he heard that they make these - BYU backpacks- he was all in.
I myself am not crazy about the light blue or the price ($58!) My genius friend thought it would be just as easy to make one yourself.

Under Armour backpack (Marshalls $25) + BYU embroidered patch (Bookstore $4) = Cheaper and better looking.

As for the 2 youngest, we are reusing last year's backpacks. Even if they have these totally adorable backpacks for my little girl.

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Whitneys said...

Just FYI, we bought the exact Under Armour backpack for Logan last year at TJ Maxx. It was a disaster. It completely fell apart! Big disappointment. All of my other kids plus Jason have Swiss Gear backpacks and they look like they've hardly been used. They are by far my favorite. I'm sure they aren't very exciting to look at but they are certainly durable.

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