Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer Game Update

Up until yesterday, our contribution to the game has been completely one-sided, in the privacy of our own car spotting as many Volkswagens as we can and lovingly tapping each other in the arm. My 1st son is really the king of it, he's fast.

Then, I realized while driving my husband's car - a Volkswagen - that we have been allowing others the pleasure of playing the game too.
Our contributions so far:

June 10th, 7:45pm, Rockhurst parking lot: Me + daughter driving our Volkswagen spot son punching his father in the arm saying, "White one."

June 10th 8:58pm, Target parking lot: My husband with windows rolled down spies a gray one and shouts to kids, "Gray one." Gray driver sees us and shouts, "White one."

I love this game. It gives me a ridiculous amount of glee. I feel like I have an great inside joke with complete strangers.

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Meredith said...

Makes me wish I still had my gray Jetta. :( I'm so sad that we got rid of that awesome car....

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