Monday, March 9, 2009


A few thoughts on jeans.

I wear jeans pretty much everyday. I am a stay at home mom, it's kind of my uniform. They match everything. I can get them dirty. They are easy to wash.

My favorite fit of ALL TIME is Gap Long and Lean. These jeans were built for me. I - all 5'4" of me- actually do look long and lean in these jeans. They give a little extra room in the backside and thigh. I just recently purchased this pair on my trip in Chicago.

New flirtation: I bought the American Eagle True Boot jean several weeks ago when they priced all their jeans at $29.50. They are fantastic and casual. A little lower rise then I normal go for, but the waist doesn't gape open in the back like most low-rise pants. Also, they stretch out quite a bit so after a few days wear they feel nice and loose.

I know some women love designer (expensive) jeans. I have actually never bought a pair. Shocking but true. Two reasons:

1. A lot of designer jeans have funky back pockets: embroidery or flaps with metal buttons. I prefer plain.

2. Let's be honest: I can buy a pair of Hudson jeans or Joe's jeans, or 7 For All Mankind, for say $180. Or I can buy Long and Leans for $60 and spend the extra $120 on shirts or shoes.

I'm curious: what kind of jeans do you like?


Darci said...

Ohh, wearing normal jeans, how dreamy. Not too much longer.

My best fitting jeans were hand-me-downs from Shawna, Old Navy, one of their specailty cuts that they only used once. BUT when I'm in shape and not prego Long and Lean work out rather nicely as well.

heidi said...

my go-to denim brand is express. i have loved them since i was 18. they have stretch and even though most of their clothing is whorish, the jeans are not. well, most of them aren't.
i do have one pair of joe's indie brand(now defunct) label surprisingly enough called "indie jeans". the were great. wore them to death. wish they would bring them back. i would shell $90 out for them. or at least have my mother-in-law do that for me again. i don't mind having my love bought.

Lance and Kira Rasmussen said...

oh- to be 5'4 and able to wear any jeans!! I am 5'9-- jean shopping is torture for me. I usually go to The Buckle and buy either Silvers or BKE (the longest size they carry!). They're around $75- $85, but once I find a good pair, I totally get my money's worth out of them.

Here in Florida, we tend to focus more on capris and "knee" shorts that jeans, though. Cute jeans, though! Maybe if I were a little more lean-- I would try them.

Meredith said...

I also like the long & leans, though I'm far from that! They just seem to fit everyone and all types of body sizes and shapes!

I also have a couple of Mossimo pairs from Target...I needed cheap jeans to wear while I lost the baby weight. And I actually like them a lot!

Brooke said...

It must be a Jones thing, because the jeans that fit me best is the Long and Lean from Gap.

Anonymous said...

I like DKNY from Macy's, but also got some Mossimo from Target (after baby, too!). Thanks for the tip about long and leans, I will have to check them out!

Jeppson Clan said...

I'm glad you are liking the AE True Boot, they've worked out well for me. And thanks SO much for hemming my several pairs of jeans for me. Now they don't drag the ground when I walk. You should link this post with your tutorial on that. It's a keeper.

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