Monday, March 19, 2012

Thumbs up, Thumbs down.

Thumbs up:
I picked up this rain coat at Target to help me get through Spring soccer season.  The fields where the kids play soccer are always 20 degrees colder than anywhere else in the city, not to mention the near gale force winds that tear through the soccer fields.  I'm not kidding.  At least 20 degrees colder.  The coat also comes in a darling pink color that I nearly bought, but the butterflies won out in the end.  

Thumbs up:

Incidentally, if you were wondering, these are the perfect casual shoes.  I have not procured them as of yet, but plans are in the works.  Navy matches every thing.  (But black of course.) 

Two thumbs WAY up:

Two thumbs WAY up for the new Skinner family policy: No screens until after dinner.   Screen is anything with, er, a screen:  computer, gameboy, tv, xbox, wii, etc.  And then of course, only if home work is done and rooms are clean.  My genius husband came up with it.  We read this great article ("Keeping Safe and Balanced in a Google-YouTube-Twitter-Facebook-iEverything World") for family home evening.  We've tried to come up with a way to limit screen time but as you parents know, it's impossible to keep track of specified amounts of screen time for 4 kids.  With the new rule, there is no arguing, no fighting, no complaining. 

Thumbs down:

I thought this movie was crass and dumb.  But I still think Reese Witherspoon is adorable.

Thumbs up:

I loved this book.  You will love it too.  Especially if you like soccer and helping out refugees and being a good person and reading nonfiction.

Thumbs up:


I found this song via this post and fell instantly in love.  I thought that I was perhaps hip and cool until I heard it a week later on our Top 40 station. (Not that I listen to Top 40 (shudder) but my kids sometimes do.  They are young and still learning awesome-ness.)  Even if it occasionally plays on the Top 40 station, it is still the best song I've heard in awhile.

Thumbs up:

You want to wear happiness?  You should check out this shirt.  It's so soft. 

That's all I've got for now.  Six thumbs up and only one thumb down. I like the ratio.  


Jessica said...

I'm so happy you're still posting! I downloaded that song 2 minutes ago--nice addition to my running playlist, thank you!

Anonymous said...
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