Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hot Chocolate

It's been very hard for me to accept that Starbucks has stopped selling their Signature Hot Chocolate. That was easily my favorite beverage/treat/dessert/breakfast of last winter. I imagine it tastes exactly like the Chocolate River from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Only Augutus Gloop knows for sure. All I know is it was pure heaven in a cup.

Here is an acceptable alternative. I also think it would make a lovely hostess gift for a Christmas Party. (Mental note to self: throw a Christmas Party.)

Williams and Sonoma Hot Chocolate

And if you are in store (or on the website) you might also want to pick these up because they will knock your socks off.

Peppermint Creme


Meredith said...

Mmmmmm. :) I love Williams-Sonoma. Everything about that place, I love.

And I've been totally thinking of having a Christmas party!

laura said...

Thank you, thank you.
On my "to-do" list... Order waffle mix and a delicious beverage mix from Williams-Sonoma. Imagine my delight over your timely recommendation for a mix.
Any opinions on their waffle mixes?

Anonymous said...

I worked at Williams Sonoma for about a year. I highly recommend ANYTHING they sell. Their peppermint bark is the best I have found, and the waffle mix is great too! Also, around the holidays they sell gravy mix and stuffing which is yummy.

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