Thursday, June 4, 2009

Magic Potions

I am not one of those people with great skin (or lucky hair come to think of it.)

Here is what I use and it works for me. This is basically an inexpensive, drugstore version of Proactive.

1. Panoxyl 5% Acne Bar. $6ish. I get this at Target, at the pharmacy. You don't need a prescription, they just keep it behind the counter. (It's a Benzoyl Peroxide face wash.)

2. Neutrogena Rapid Clear Acne Defense Face Lotion. $5-6. You can get this anywhere. (This is the salicylic acid acne treatment. Apparently for salicylic acid to work the cream has to be the correct pH and this cream is.)

3. Clearasil Vanishing Acne Treatment Cream 10% Benzoyl Peroxide. $4.
Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid are the two best acne fighting medicines available over the counter and for me, better than the retinA my dermatologist put me on.

Important: Benzoyl Peroxide can damage fabrics. The Panoxyl bar will bleach out towels - I only use my white towels when I was my face with this. The Clearasil cream will bleach out pillowcases or clothing. I normally only wear it at night if it all.

Does anyone have a fantastic moisturizer (with spf) to go with this?


heidi said...

was this post a covert shout out to me? this is all very useful information and i can't wait to try some of your tricks.
i do enjoy my moisturizer. it's aveeno clear complexion(surprise) daily moisturizer. they also have an spf and a glowing skin version. very gentle and i use it sparingly and i am the queen of dry skin so you know that's important to me!

thecherries said...

I absolutely LOVE Clinique's "Moisture Surge." You don't have to use hardly any and my skin is like buttah--er--butter that's not greasy or fatty. Let's just say my face feels as smooth as a baby's bottom. Better? Probably not. Get a trial size, that's what I did to make sure I liked it. Good luck and thanks for the tips!

Becca said...

I'll definitely be trying some of these. I have a Neutrogena Rapid Clear exfoliation scrub I love; the version that is supposed to help control breakouts and fine lines I think is making me breakout, so I'll probably ditch it. (*sigh* I guess you really can't get the best of both worlds in skin care. )

I've been using Olay Definity foaming moisturizer with spf. It doesn't make me breakout, but it hasn't done anything for my age spots in the months I've been using it (I bought a few on sale) so I probably won't buy it again. Mary Kay has a Timewise moisturizer with spf 25 I like.

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